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Terms and conditions

Article 1: Registration conditions

Any adult participating in an activity offered by Aldabra Yacht Charter certifies that they are in full possession of their intellectual and physical resources.

For minors under 16, parents or legal representatives attest to the practitioner's ability to submerge and swim at least 25 meters.

For minors from 16 years of age, parents or legal representatives certify the ability to dive and swim at least 50 meters.

The participant in the activities organized by Aldabra Yacht Charter certify that they have no medical contraindication to the practice of sailing and have read the general conditions of sale and payment.

Registration for activities organized by Aldabra Yacht Charter implies unreserved acceptance of these conditions.

Article 2: Reservation and payment

For the ticket office (sale of individual tickets):
payment of the full payment when booking.

Smartbox Wanderbox Groupon will be exchanged for the ticket office.

For privatizations and reservations by phone:
deposit of 30% minimum of the total amount including tax to be paid at the time of booking.
balance to be paid 72 hours before boarding.

Article 3: Cancellation by the customer

Ticket office: Each ticket office reservation is final and cannot be canceled or modified, no ticket office refund will be made,

Private and individual services: Cancellation possible only for private or individual services, and only 10 days before departure.

30% of the amount of the service will be retained as compensation.

The cancellation conditions of the catering service provider may come in addition to the compensation.

If the participant (s) does not show up at the time scheduled for the reservation, the contract becomes void and Aldabra Yacht Charter may have the berth (s) on the boat. The deposit remains with Aldabra Yacht Charter which reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the service.

Article 4: Cancellation / Modification by Aldabra Yacht Charter

Aldabra Yacht Charter reserves the right, if circumstances require it and in the event of events beyond its control (bad weather conditions in particular), to modify its schedules, to postpone the services without the participants being able to claim any compensation. In the event of cancellation, reimbursement of sums already paid will be made by Aldabra Yacht Charter within 30 days.

Article 5: Terms of use:

It is possible that the schedules or durations of our services are modified. It is also possible that an outing is organized on a boat other than the Aldabra catamaran.

All passengers and client companies, partners or event organizers aboard Aldabra or aboard a boat provided by Aldabra Yacht Charter undertake in any case, to abide by the Regulations (Provided during the boarding) established as well as the crew's instructions.

Under no circumstances can Aldabra Yacht Charter be held liable for any damage or loss of items belonging to passengers, due in particular to the natural movements of the boat as well as to the state of the sea or otherwise.

Decorations, furniture, advertising stickers and other modifications involving installation, removal or cleaning costs for the restoration of Aldabra to their original state are the responsibility of the customer; as well as any additional costs associated with Aldabra modifications.

During a privatization at the quay, the customer undertakes to return the boat in the state in which it was provided to him. All costs caused by any deterioration are the responsibility of the customer. The client or the client company must also assume all responsibilities related to the organization of his event (safety, noise pollution, etc.)

Article 6: Arrival

Participants must arrive at the boat 20 minutes before the start time of the service mentioned on the website or brochures. In the event of late or delayed arrival, participants must notify Aldabra Yacht Charter by telephone. The departure of the boat will take place at the scheduled time of the service,

Where appropriate, the terms of article 3 may apply.

Article 7: Payment of the balance
The balance is to be paid at the latest 72 hours before the privatization service

Immediate payment of the ticket office.

Article 8: Use of the premises
Participants must respect the boat's operating regulations as well as the safety instructions given by the crew. They undertake to leave the premises clean and in good condition.

Article 9: Capacity
A contract is established for a specific number of people. If the number of participants exceeds this number established at the time of booking, Aldabra Yacht Charter is able to refuse these additional participants.

These additional participants will, if necessary, be invoiced separately.
As a reminder, the total capacity of the boat is 20 passengers maximum.

Article 10: Liability and insurance

Participants will be picked up by Aldabra Yacht Charter upon arrival on board. They remain under his responsibility until they leave the boat at the end of the service. The civil liability of Plaisirs de la Mer concerning these participants ceases outside of service hours, within the time limits described above.
Participants certify that they have read the Aldabra Yacht Charter civil liability insurance guarantees.

Aldabra Yacht Charter declines all responsibility in the event of loss, theft or damage during the service.

Article 11: disputes

Any dispute that cannot be settled amicably will be settled by the Commercial Court of La Rochelle, French law will be the only one applicable.

Article12 Payment by Credit Card

Aldabra Yacht Charter undertakes not to keep the information given by these customers in order to debit their credit card.

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